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weewado place for art

reach art lovers worldwide


Reach art lovers around the world. Start showing your art today and it could be hanging half a world away tomorrow. Well, maybe next month. We’re still working on international teleportation.

Earn money

Showing your art on weewado is completely free. We care about everything. Depending on your desired sales price you’ll get 50% of turnover on a successful sale.

Start now

Sign up today or drop us a messega if you have any questions. We will be pleased to help you with the publication of your artwork.

EASY - get started

How to sell your art in four easy steps.

Registering is done in a wee seconds. Just let us know who you are and have a look to your personal area.
Easy as Drag & Drop.
Our system helps you to select the right aspect ratio for the selected product. Give your product a name, description and your desired sales price.
When you have done everything, sent your draft to our team. If everything is ok, your product is ready for sale within 24 hours. Worldwide.


That's the benefits weewado offers to you for free.


  • High quality products
  • We produce products with the newest available technology on the market.
  • We will always use the highest provided resolution to obtain the best result.


  • Get 50% of turnover on each sale
  • Offer all of your pictures or just a collection of the favourites.
  • Payouts are done monthtly automatically to your given Paypal account.


  • weewado is free
  • No costs
  • No risk
  • Just upload your images
  • Transparent statistics


  • Be international
  • weewado is international
  • Let people all over the world take part of your art
  • weewado cares about marketing


you can use optionally

Own Orders

  • Get 30% discount on own orders
  • DropShipping service onDemand
  • shipped directly to your customers
  • no brand added
  • easy payment - credit card


  • implement our API to your shop
  • free SDK available
  • order your own products
  • order any of our products / formats with individual image uploads

shopify integration

  • sync and sell with your shopify shop
  • we produce and ship on demand for you
  • no brand added
  • easy payment - credit card

social media

  • link your social postings
  • add a buy button
  • direct orders
  • watch you stats